Praying Mantis

With a more affordable format, the Bug series is designed with driftwood parts more shaped and with very different wood species.
Positions and movement are highligthed and reflect perfeclty this micro world.

Length : 1,50m
Width : 1,20
Height : 1,50m
Weight : 30kg
Materials : wood and copper, armature in metal
Price : on request

Photos gallery

  • Metallic interior frame which garanties the stability and the long-life of the sculpture.
  • Carved wood and has become rotproof by a long stay in the fresh water.
  • Driftwood from difference species: chestnut tree, walnut tree, beech, acacia, etc.
  • Wood fixing is totally invisible thanks to a technical developped by the artist.

Any project inspiring the artist can be realized upon REQUEST
Patrick Médéric