Geant Turtle

A special purchase for this Geant Turle with more than hundred years old, she lives now around her cousin Hermann
In spite of his big size, she's moving definitively towards a new grounds (unique piece)

Length : 1,35m
Width : 0,90
Height : 0,70m
Weight : 40kg
Materials : wood, armature in metal
Price : on request

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  • Metallic interior frame which garanties the stability and the long-life of the sculpture.
  • Carved wood and has become rotproof by a long stay in the fresh water.
  • Driftwood from difference species: chestnut tree, walnut tree, beech, acacia, etc.
  • Wood fixing is totally invisible thanks to a technical developped by the artist.

Any project inspiring the artist can be realized upon REQUEST
Patrick Médéric